Ideas for decorating with plants bedroom

Has always had the belief that put plants in the bedroom were totally prohibited. This is not entirely true, as some other types that can take something more oxygen than others, but there are also species that allow the room air cleaner.

For example, during the night, transforms the carbon dioxide into oxygen. If you put them in a high place decorate a very nice way to stay providing that green hue that promotes balance. But there is more. So today we found some ideas for decorating your bedroom with plants.

Decorating with plants
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Extra relaxation

Plants give life to home decorating, but if you put them in your bedroom will provide relaxation and purification, helping to enjoy a more restful sleep. Insomnia often comes because of the stress accumulated during the day, so you can put in your room plants with soothing action. For example, jasmine helps calm the mind and body and one study has shown that lowers anxiety levels. It is lovely to decorate your bedroom.

Entering the plants in the room

An option to put plants in the bedroom is placing them on the windowsill, if you have room for it. To design a very green decoration it is best that the hang at different heights. Look where the sun’s rays come to place them strategically, either by avoiding them if the type of plant so requires or looking for them if you need direct Lavender

Decorating with plants
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Lavender is a plant that helps a lot to fall asleep, especially because of the smell so special that brings to the room. There are also studies that confirm that this odor lowers the heart rate and stress. Other research concluded that reduced the crying babies and helped them sleep soundly. Try placing a natural lavender on your table to see if sleep better. In addition, decoratively speaking they are precious…

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Aloe vera

Another idea to decorate your bedroom with plants is to do with aloe vera. NASA says it is one of the most important to improve the air, which is very good for this stay home…

Decorating with plants
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A pot or more

When you disposition to introduce plants in the room you can put a single pot next to the bedside lamp, for example, or put several of them in different parts of the room. They will be small decorative details that will be wonderful in this room.

Decorate and shooing mosquitoes

How you like the idea? For there are some plants that you can enter in your bedroom, plus a wonderful way to decorate because they are gorgeous, they help keep mosquitoes away. Place citronella, basil or jasmine in several pots for the bedroom or in the same window. In addition to the smell so great, and natural, that will leave in the room; will help you sleep free pecks.

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