Pokmon Go app

Pokmon has re-entered the trending world with the new Pokmon Go app. This game allows you to combine the excitement of the digital realm with your own real life experiences. As with the original Pokmon concept, the main aim within the game is to find and catch Pokmon in order to train and fight with them in different battles. The more Pokmon the better, with each Pokmon having their own rankings and skills. You can build up your Pokmon database which will help you to gradually increase the player level you are on, helping you to win more battles and achieve more goals.

The most important feature of Pokmon Go is the real world element. Some online casino games have already started adding real world elements to their casino games. When this app in installed on your mobile Smartphone, it makes use of the phones GPS tracking system to find and position you in the game, based on your real world geographic location. It then uses this location to follow your own movements within the real world and as you move along it allows you to find hidden Pokmon along the way. When you come across a Pokemon, the app uses the front camera of your device to capture the moving image of your surroundings, while revealing the Pokmon hidden within it.

This aspect has made the established franchise popular to all, where it had been previously marketed exclusively to children and teens just in online casinos. The already popular game of Pokmon has transformed into a globally trending phenomenon, with many players young and old all around the world.

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