Ideas for decorating in turquoise

Turquoise has always been one of my favorite colors. In fact, a part of my house is decorated in this tonality, in combination with white. On this neutral basis, it stands out greatly and also adds a very elegant and serene touch to the rooms. Also with a point of joy highly recommended. So today, I want to focus on this tonality to see some ideas of decoration in turquoise. Maybe you fall in love!

decorating in turquoise
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The turquoise on the walls

A first idea that I propose is to introduce the turquoise in your walls. If you opt for a soft range, you can put it in all. But if you fancy a more lively turquoise the most advisable, not to saturate the room, would be to include it in only one and leave the rest in white or beige or a very light gray. Or if you prefer, you can put a wallpaper with some pattern in this tonality. And the same, if it is very intense, better leave it on a wall. This way, the spaces will not be dwarfed visually.

Turquoise furniture

Another option is to leave the walls white (or in a very clear tone if the white does not like you especially) and place furniture in turquoise. You can put a shelf, the sofa, the armchairs, the kitchen cabinets, the chairs or some chest of drawers, for example. If you feel like restoring some furniture, you can be a very cool color to paint a worn wood and introduce it in a vintage decoration. In these two examples, different from each other, is very well.

decorating in turquoise
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Turquoise combined with other colors

But you can not only combine turquoise with white. In fact, it allows to introduce other colors that complement very well with this tonality. The yellow is one of them. It gives a touch of vivacity and joy, especially if you use a soft turquoise. It is also very good in that case the fuchsia, for example.

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Decorative elements in turquoise

You can also leave a neutral decoration as a base and introduce small decorative details in turquoise. For example in textiles, bedroom cushions or duvets, bath towels, putting flowers, pictures and plates or introducing any other object that you want to use this color. If the base is clear, white for example, it will highlight a lot and will provide a cozy and pleasant feeling to the room.

decorating in turquoise
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Turquoise in the bathroom

The bathroom is a stay that admits great turquoise as it is a tone that evokes that transparent and warm Caribbean Sea. It gives a very cheerful touch to this place. You can choose tiles for the walls, leaving one-half in turquoise and the other white, or with a valance, or you can put the towels and other elements of the bathroom in this color. I would even encourage you to put a turquoise vase with some pink flowers; you will see what a beautiful contrast.

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