Ideas to decorate with natural motifs

The decoration with natural reasons is outlined as one of the trends of decoration that we will see in the face of the coming spring. The inspiration seems clear: nature, natural materials and plants will be present in all rooms and in many different ways. To open your mouth and find out if you like this trend, I’ll tell you some ideas to introduce it into your home. And, if you want, you can start right now.

It’s about bringing prints, furniture, accessories and natural materials to any corner of your home. Nor do you need to fill everything, with small details you can get great things. We check it below.

natural motifs
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Furniture with natural materials

Furniture made with natural materials will help create this warm atmosphere that is projected with this type of trend. For example, you can bet on a wicker or raffia armchair, both for exterior and interior, or even for a raffia lamp, which are very decorative and bring a lot of freshness to the rooms.

Decoration with leaves of plants and botany

The plates with illustrations of plants and botanical themes will also serve to design these natural environments that we are seeing today. You can frame them with a black or wooden frame, for example, hang them on the wall or leave them resting on the floor or on some furniture or shelf. They bring a touch of cool color to the room.

natural motifs
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I have to include it. Because it is the natural material par excellence to decorate, because it is very warm and cozy and because it has many possibilities. Ideal for floors and also for furniture, even to put some frieze on one of the walls. According to the chosen color you can define the style of the decoration. That is to say. If it is dark it will be great in rustic environments, if it is more clarita it is perfect for a Scandinavian style …

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Plants and more plants

There is no natural style that is worth without decorating with plants. The possibilities are immense. From large plants for special corners to smaller cactus and succulents to create beautiful compositions. May the green flood everything and bring nature to your home. Some indoor plants that you can place and that are perfect for those who do not like gardening very well.

natural motifs
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Wallpaper with natural patterns

Another idea that I love is to place a wallpaper with natural prints on one of the walls. Flowers, plants and even animals have a place here. The result will be a colorful, fresh and cheerful wall that will surely capture all eyes. I recommend you to put it on one of the walls as they are usually quite powerful prints and if you put the wallpaper in all can get to saturate the room. It will depend on the chosen motive and your personal tastes.

Log furniture

And another proposal that I love: furniture made with logs. They are very original and very decorative. They can serve as a bedside table or an auxiliary table for the living room, for example. You have the option to paint them or leave them in their natural color. They look wonderful! You can put only one or make some composition with several of them. The result is equally incredible, do not you think?

natural motifs
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The details in the textiles

Finally, bet on details with natural reasons in your textiles I mean, for example, the pattern of some cushions that you place on the sofa, the kitchen curtains or even the quilt cover of your bed. In the face of spring and summer, they manage to create a very fresh and cozy interior design.

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