The Rising Popularity of Interior Glass Walls

Home improvements have been all the rage this year – with everyone stuck at home and unable to go anywhere, we have all been looking for ways to improve our environment, and with holidays cancelled and shops closed, we have instead decided to spend our money on home improvements.

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One of the things that are becoming more popular is using glass in our home as an alternative to a wall. Of course, this requires the help of an expert such as these glass suppliers Swindon based Roman glass as it is not something that you want to do yourself and get wrong!

With open plan living being so popular right now, people are obviously enjoying the benefits of a lighter, brighter and more spacious feel to their home rather than boxy small rooms. But the benefit of using glass as a wall is to allow a lot of light into the home, as well as having a divide between areas – for example, creating a quieter area for someone to work from home, but without the feeling of being shut away in a small dark room.

In fact, the inclusion of natural light into the home is popular because it has so many health and psychological benefits – what we really need in these troubled times! From better mood, to a healthier immune system.

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As well as this, there are many ways that glass walls can be customised – they can be painted and coloured to create a modern feature wall, and with some well positioned lighting you can create a really spectacular statement in the home.

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