Party at mine? Don’t do it!

If you are planning a Christmas party at your home then you might want to think again. Saving money on hiring a venue might seem like an attractive prospect but what you save here, you might be using to pay for professional cleaning of your home after the event! Here are some of the top reasons why holding a party in your private space might be more hassle than it’s worth:

There will be someone who completely takes over the choice of music. Whatever they have on their iPod will be what you are all subjected to all night long as they totally overrule anything that you choose to play. If you have a party in a venue then you can hire a DJ or do it yourself and retain control of what music is played and make your own requests. With this scenario, Mr or Mrs Wannabe DJ has to keep their iPod firmly in their pocket.

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Unless you fit a padlock to your fridge, someone will eat all of your lovely Christmas food. The stuff you’ve been telling nobody to touch until the 25th for fear of death? All gone, munched away by some drunken individual with the munchies.

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The neighbours might be annoyed (the ones you forgot to invite) and if it’s late and you’re keeping them awake, they might call the police on you. Nobody wants a party spoiled by the law on your doorstep and it will be super embarrassing to see your neighbours in the street after you know it was them who grassed you up. Save yourself the hassle and book a proper party. If you still want some flexibility in your choice then hiring a marquee is a great idea. It also eliminates the chances of any unwanted spills or tares in your precious house or maybe the house itself isn’t big enough for a party.

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People will make a mess in your lovely home. Drunk people will be using your bathroom and may even start poking around in other rooms unless you have locks on every door. You might have difficulty in getting the last few stragglers to leave and find them fast asleep on your sofa, on the floor and maybe even your bed! You’ll feel responsible, can’t let them drive home and so yes you’ve guessed it, they’ll still be with you for breakfast in the morning.

You will spend the next day or even next few days, depending on how rowdy things got, cleaning up. There will be cups and cans everywhere, floors and tables will be sticky, food on the carpet and goodness knows what else. Invest the extra money and have someone else take care of all the mess. After all, as the host or hostess of this amazing party, surely you deserve to put your feet up and revel in your awesomeness.

Think about your beautiful Ming vase or the expensive cream shagpile carpet in the living room. Can you imagine things being smashed or red wine all over your carpet? Don’t go there, hire a marquee and let your hair down!


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