A bright bathroom to gain breadth

Bright bathroom

Or the house shrinks or we who accumulate too much and we cannot take advantage of our space. A very common problem in the vast majority of households, especially in the bathroom.

However, with the right tips we can do magic and get our rooms look bigger than they really are. Today we know some tricks we want to share with you. Here, light is vital. Find out how to decorate a bright bathroom to win meters.

Bright bathroom
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Reflective surfaces

A trick reminiscent experts is to use surfaces and materials that reflect light. On the floor, on the walls, furniture, small accessories and even doors. The materials reflective finish multiply both artificial light and natural, and after that our bathroom seem larger.

And what kind of materials we can use? Both the glass and the metalized surfaces. But we must not lose sight stylish and trendy materials like polished stone and marble. The elegance of these bright and polished surfaces is a great idea to make light in the bathroom, without relinquishing the latest trends.

Removes obstacles

Remove barriers and obstacles to allow light to flow freely throughout the bathroom is essential to achieve a brighter room and therefore wider. So do not obstruct entries use natural light and large furniture that prevent light flow freely through space.

Large closets and large volume parts, temporarily best face to the wall and opt for designs in bright colors and minimalist version. In this way, we avoid recharge decoration, gaining aesthetics and visual lightness.

Bright bathroom
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Betting on white

If you’re a regular reader, sure you already know the importance of color to decorate bright. The light colors like white help us gain clarity and breadth. If we talk about painting, our advice is to choose to paint with glossy finish that will reflect light.

But is not the end all, since you can also decorate both soil and tiled walls and bright tiles and light colors. An interesting trick that experts recommend us is to use the same material and color on the floor and wall. So we won aesthetic continuity, helping to win luminosity. As a final result, our bathroom look bigger.

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Good lighting

Do not forget another very important to win light in the bathroom secret artificial light. In this regard, it should choose a type of light for each function. A good distribution help us to decorate a larger bathroom.

Start by choosing a general white light, about 100 lumens per square meter. Point lights are also very important. Interior design experts advise us to opt for a cold white light, which does not alter the appearance of the skin. A simple trick to gain breadth in the bathroom is to place the points of light, such as several sconces, near a mirror. So you multiply the light.

Bright bathroom
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The importance of accessories

The accessories also feature. So choose light decorative accessories and light fabrics in light, neutral colors. So we decorate the bathroom but without burdening the environment. In this sense, if we talk about accessories we should not lose sight of the mirrors. Indispensable to win luminosity. And the bigger, the better. Another detail that makes the difference is to use glass partitions, which allow light to pass through.

And you, what other advice we recommend a bright bathroom to gain breadth?

Nickolas Hunter

Nickolas Hunter

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