Tips for a vintage bedroom decor

vintage bedroom

You want to print your bedroom a very special personal touch? The style vintage can be a very nice alternative for this home stay as it is very cozy and warm, and through the use of furniture with a style that evokes the past combined with any current trend will give this room a unique personality. Here are several ideas to decorate the bedroom with a style vintage romantic.

vintage bedroom
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We begin with which is usually the focal point of the bedroom: the bed. Here we have two main options; with the headboard of wrought iron with that something more variegated French twist, or a more rustic feel of wood. In both cases, they give a sense of being old.

The furniture that go well with your vintage bedroom

The furniture also play a major role in this decoration. The comfortable are an excellent idea for a touch vintage to the bedroom; you can paint the color you like or give an effect pickling to make them look older. Another way to give a very special touch is placing a dressing table with his chair and mirror. Look how pretty and how much are both style can give your decor.

vintage bedroom
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The bedside tables are one of the elements that can print that air vintage to your bedroom. And here a wide range of possibilities opens up. Because you can choose to put a, say, classical, wood for example, or also put an old chair, or some old suitcases stacked …

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Decorative details

The decorative details make, in many cases, the difference. Place wooden boxes, some wildflowers, some wooden signs, a metal cage, a different door handles to the door, some books stacked on a table, glass bottles, a mannequin … There are many options!

Textiles warm

In addition to furniture and textiles to enter details in your bedroom will be, helping also to create this nice decoration vintage. Put a down comforter with a cover of flowers, for example, and cotton sheets. Cushions placed on the bed also with floral print curtains and adds clear that provide light to the room. Another trend that can enter is the knit or crochet, also for blankets and cushions.

vintage bedroom
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The mirrors

We have already seen how you could dress up your bedroom vintage with a nice, convenient amenities. Remember that the mirror is one of the fundamental elements of this corner, although you can also put it solo if you do not want to put a dressing table. The most suitable are those of wood moldings, and you can hang up or even stop resting on the ground if it is very large. On the dresser are precious Oval.

What colors to use?

We’ve already given some ideas to decorate your bedroom but, what are the colors that suit the decor is vintage ? The beige and whites are very appropriate, especially for walls. Also pastel tones. If you want to give a note of more intense color you can use a livelier tone for a comfortable and decorative detail.

Wood, essential

Although we have seen that the wrought iron is a very interesting bed wood materials it is essential in bedrooms vintage. With an aspect mainly aged, you can use it on the bedside tables in the comfortable, furniture toilet, on the floor or even in a frieze that you put on the wall. The warmth is beyond question.

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