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In RealOrigin we’ve talked about many decorative styles that are related to the sea and the beach, as the sailor, the Ibizan or the Mediterranean. Yes, we can say without any doubt the most beach – style of all is the coastal. They all have things in common, such as the presence of the target, but also differ in other respects.

Today we want to talk decoration coastal, which originated in the United States. In fact, it is also called style Hamptons, since we can find in the homes of this coastal area east of Long Island, in the state of New York, where rich and famous spend their vacation. Would you like to discover all the details about the coastal style? Well we recommend you to be very attentive to what we tell you then!

Coastal style decor
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Insert the beach scene at home

Although the style coastal emerged from the integration of sailors elements in the decoration of the beach houses American (when we talk about beach houses we mean houses located in the same arena), today also used in homes that are far from sea. The aim in both cases is the same: to enter a beach – style home.

Coastal style decor
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White, star of the decoration coastal

The first thing to consider when achieving a decoration coastal is that should prevail white, a color that not only allow you to make your house look bigger than it actually is, but it will make the space see more luminous. Logically, the effect will be greater if the house has large windows, typical of the American beach house, and if they give to stop the sea. Thus, the target can and must be present in the maximum possible elements: walls, furniture, textiles, accessories, decorative objects … Of course, you can add small touches of colors like blue, vede, beige or gray, and sailor stripes.

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A rustic touch through wood

Moreover, keep in mind that decorations coastal should not miss the rustic touches, you can get through the wood that also bring a touch of warmth. Thanks to the presence of this material, this decorative style may be suitable for other times of the year beyond the summer. Ideally, the wood is present in its natural state, i.e. untreated, but it is also a good idea to introduce elements of bleached wood or patinas. In any case, this material is perfect for both soil for decorative objects.

Coastal style decor
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The importance of decorative objects

In this style decorative objects play a fundamental role. In fact, we can find even exposure mode. Ideally question of elements taken directly from the sea or the beach or draw inspiration in this world: seashells, sand, old posters, fishing nets, anchors … Of course, these elements can also be present in the form of prints through cushions, curtains, bedding … on the other hand, you should know that in the coastal decorations also are well received aged objects; vases; materials such as glass, brass, wicker or woven fiber; and white flowers. In addition, it is recommended that textiles are made of natural fabrics.

Finally, we comment that the chairs Adirondack are perfect for this style houses. Are great outdoor spaces, although you can also place them inside the home.

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