Decorated with retro furniture

The 70s marked a distinctive decorative style that continues to this day.It reinvents and adapts to changing timeswhile retaining thatretro airthat makes it so special.It is precisely this furniture and decor is what we are going to talk today, so that you know how to design interiors with lots of personality and reminiscences of the past.

Retro Furniture
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Features furniture then

In those years the furniture had acompact and solid finishes.They were made ​​of teak wood and plywood (those with a lower price).Theindustrial stylewas predominant in the seventies decor, dominated by shades like orange, brown and cream colors.The furniture upholstery covering these used to be withgeometric patterns and stripes.In sofa and armchairs, the king was the sky, uncomfortable in hot weather because skin and symbol, at that time, modernity compared with fabrics always stuck.

The materials

Retro furniture used to wear then chromed tubular legs.Those ofnatural fiberslikerattan or bamboocame to dress lounges and dining rooms, as it was cheaper than wood furniture.In much comfortable chairs and pine wood used.

Retro Furniture
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Ideas for decorating with retro furniture

And now, let us today.Theretro decorallows plenty of decorative possibilities.Taking reference from the past and adapting them to current materials.You can even catch sight behind to give your home a touch 50 Americans or 60 … All this will fill your home furniture with personality.

The colors

You can put retro furniture inwood color and add touches of colorin the rest of the decor.In textiles, paintings and accessories.Or you can give these strong colors so characteristic to own furniture…Personally I like the first option.The tones that will help you design a very special retro decor can range from black and white to mustard, orange or red, and pastel.

In the classroom

To print a retro style to your room you have to play withbig, solid and compact, sturdy furniture.You can add decorative elements such as tables, an antique radio, a record player, or a lamp with a special tulip that incorporates geometric designs also perfect for dressing textiles or carpets this room.

Retro Furniture
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In the kitchen

You can design a retro kitchen through someappliancesvery special.The SMEG fridge is one of the more help you create this type of decoration.Commitmentrounded linesand lots of color for this stay.If you like to give an American touch adds details on the walls, with some foil or box, spectacular lamps and accessories that evoke us the time.And do not miss a beautiful floor tables or stools!

The retro decor, for times

If we broaden the spectrum and we do not focus only on the 70 we will be able to create a decorationeclecticwonderful.The secret knows how to combine it with elegance.In the 50s we were with thoseAmerican air,appliances round lines, stools and accessories such as radios or record player.60 took the most vibrant colors andbold prints morelike flowers, polka dots or stripes.70, combined with other materials such as steel and glass, a carpet of hair and disco ball sturdy furniture.

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