Ideas for a Zen decor

Zen decor

The decoration Zen style is based on light colors and ordered spaces, is harmonious and somewhat minimalist in the sense that raw simplicity through the creation of rooms where there is balance and comfort and relaxation breathing. It should encourage mobility of people living in such housing,and for that comfortable places, with base units without ornamentation are created. Let us look at some ideas that can help you design such as pleasant surroundings.

Zen decor
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As I said, the use of light colors is the hallmark of this type of decoration. Whites and beige used in walls provide a feeling of comfort and spaciousness. You can combine them with other shades of the same range as brown, and also include some touches of more vivid as green or red colors in small decorative details. Gray also is very welcome.

How to light a Zen atmosphere

It is important to take care of the lighting. For this, you can use candles to give extra warmth to the room. The rest will be low, soft, lighting indirect lighting that manages to create a very relaxing, harmonious and intimate atmosphere.

Zen decor
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What decorative objects can use

Some ideas for your decorative elements Zen style: a box with a wooden frame for a wall, glass vases with stones, bamboo, reeds or any green plant, ornaments Buddhist aesthetics, cushions … all should be well chosen to give a special touch to the stay without recharging.

Yin and yang

One way to place these decorative items is through the principle of yin and yang, i.e. placing elements with opposite characteristics, like a white candle in a black bowl, some smooth stones on a wicker mat…

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Nature in your home

By this I mean, besides introducing a plant indoors, make use of materials and natural fabrics such as light wood or bamboo items, linen, hemp, wicker, stone … Common spaces should give the feeling of openness to the outside and the most intimate and private as rooms or bathrooms will be more reserved.

Low furniture

The order is essential in this decoration.Also, use furniture to facilitate traffic both visually and physically for the stay. To do this, you should use those that are low, with straight and pure lines and natural tones to maintain the balance and harmony Zen you want to print to your home.

Zen decor
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Zen decor in the bedroom

In the bedroom place a single bed facing the light and little else since, as in the rest of the house, follow the premise of less is more. Here more than anywhere should promote relaxation.

In the classroom

Use in the living room curtains natural fabrics and avoid very direct lights. Another option is to leave a window without curtain or ornaments, fully open to the outside of any kind. Evita, once again, any sign of disorder, with interior closets with drawers or shelves on which put wicker baskets, for example. For more tips visit

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