Four Things to Do in Your Garden Now

Over the winter we tend to spend more time indoors to keep out of the bad weather but preparing for the return of the spring and summer is also important. This is particularly something that applies to the garden. Here are some of the things that you can do during the winter months to make improvements to your garden that will then provide you with something special to spend time in when the warmer weather returns…

Look After Your Furniture – Now is the time to protect your garden furniture from the worst of the weather. Putting it away in a shed is a good idea, as is covering it with waterproof covers. You can give it a clean too before putting it away for the winter. You should also make sure that it is secured to the ground in case we get very strong winds, as this way you won’t end up losing it and it won’t cause damage or injury.

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Have a Tidy Up – One of the things that can make a bit of a mess in the garden are the leaves falling from trees. However, these can be collected up and added to compost to provide your plants with good health next year. Also cut back any plants and trees as they are no longer in their growth phase. If you have a lot to get rid of, you might want to consider getting a skip from somewhere like this Swansea skip hire company so that you can easily dispose of everything.

Plant Bulbs – Throughout the autumn you can get bulbs into the ground ready for the spring and the summer. There are many types of plant that you can put in now as bulbs, either in beds or in pots. This doesn’t take much time but you will be rewarded next year. For example, snowdrops, daffodils, alliums and bluebells can all be bought as bulbs and planted now.

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Create a Wildlife Haven – Provide a home for wildlife in the garden in the winter. Hedgehog houses will help visiting hedgehogs to survive in the colder months, as well as houses for bugs like bees and butterflies to spend the winter sheltering in.

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