Foods You Dont Need to Refrigerate

With giant-sized fridges and freezers being the norm these days, we tend to put everything in the fridge. But many of the commonly refrigerated foods actually dont need to be there at all and are quite happy in alternative storage places.

In fact, according to a recent article some of the foods we habitually put into the fridge do better if theyre stored elsewhere. Here are some of the common foods we put into the refrigerator that might not need to be kept there at all.

Foods You Dont Need to Refrigerate

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Lots of people keep coffee in the fridge, but it does far better if its stored elsewhere. Somewhere cool and dark is ideal, with beans storing better than ground coffees. Its best to buy no more than youll drink in a week or two, and if you must buy bigger quantities pop it into the freezer until you need it.


If you put bread in the fridge it will actually go stale faster than if you leave it out. Ideally, bread should be kept in a cool, dry place and only sliced when youre ready to eat it. Put in in an airtight container and only remove as much as you need at the time, allowing it to thaw at room temperature. Ensure any left over waste is disposed of correctly or you may need to contact who are a pigeon control services company based in London as food waste can attract vermin.

Jams and Pickles

We often put these in the fridge but they dont actually need it as they store very well in a cupboard or other dark, cool place. Honey too is often found in fridges, but as were advised to keep fridges at below 5 degrees, this can speed up the crystallisation process. If your honey does crystallise, you can melt those crystals by placing the jar in hot water until they melt.


Were fond of tropical fruits such as Kiwis, Mangos and Papayas, and think were doing them a favour by putting them in the fridge, but this stops the ripening process so theyre best left on the counter. If a fruit grows in tropical climes, you can be sure theyre built to withstand warmer temperatures.


Often, keeping all kinds of beverages in the fridge is a matter of personal preference rather than a true need of the drink. Bottle coolers are popular options for people who like a lot of either soft drinks or beers, but both those will stay fresh stored at room temperature. If you prefer to drink them cold, putting them in the fridge or cooler for a couple of hours before theyre needed is one solution to full time storage in the fridge.


If you store potatoes in the fridge, youre likely to ruin the flavour and texture, turning them gritty and sweet. Theyre far better kept in a dark, cool place. They need the dark otherwise theyll turn green and start sprouting, but deny them light and theyll store quite well.

Nickolas Hunter

Nickolas Hunter

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