Benefits of trees in your garden

There are many great benefits to adding trees to your property. They can add significant value to your property. Trees give great shade, which reduces the temperature of the air surrounding the tree and your home. Trees help clean the air and lower nearby noise by acting as a sound block. They also look beautiful and increase privacy around your home.

The way you care for your tree in the first few years of life will affect the shape, strength, and even life span. Here are some tips to keep in mind when caring for your tree, so you can reap all the benefits of a healthy tree.

Plant selection

First, you must choose the right tree for the right location. Is the place wet or dry, shady or bright, windy, or protected? Consider the size of the tree at the expected maturity. Is the space large enough to accommodate mature trees? This is very important for trees; people often make the mistake of positioning them too near each other. Native trees are more likely to flourish in their home climate, but choosing the right non-native trees means seeing them flourish often as well. Do your homework before you spend on different plants and trees. You could potentially save a great deal of money, time and effort by consulting with a certified arborist before starting your planting project. For a Tree Surgeon Poole, contact Kieran Boyland.

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When done right, mulch is probably the only best thing you can do for your tree. Mulch must be distributed evenly to a depth of 2 “to 3” and extends to the tree droplet line. It is important that mulch does not intersect with tree trunks. Keep mulch 3 “or 4” away from the bottom of the tree. Mulch is not completely free of requiring maintenance, however, and weeds will grow and take over if left unattended. Cultivation is highly recommended before top mulch dressing is added to help keep mulch from clumping. If you start with layer 2 “or 3” mulch, you don’t need to repeat mulching for at least two years.

Tree Trimming


When the tree is in its youth, providing corrective pruning and helping with direction is advised. Using the correct equipment and some guidelines, generally people can take care of this type of trimming on their own. If you need to use a ladder to prune, it’s time to call a tree surgeon. As trees mature, pruning is done to clean the crown of dead branches and to rid or reduce the tree of fragile branches to lower the risk of storm damage. This type of trimming should only be done by experienced professionals.

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How you water your yard is not necessarily how you have to water your tree. For most established trees, rainfall equal to 1 “every 7 to 10 days is ideal. When using additional watering, take advantage of natural rainfall and try watering in the morning to reduce evaporation and waste water.

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