Ideas for decorating with numbers

Ideas for decorating

The letters are one of the decorative elements that I like, but what about the numbers? They also give a lot of play and help us design a very special decoration, so, today we dedicate this article to gather ideas for decorating with numbers. They are present in all areas of our life and are not only suitable for smaller rooms, but also you can incorporate into other corners of the house. Lets see how you can…

Children’s bedrooms

Like I said, the numbers are quite recurrent in decorating childrens rooms, as well, from small, get to know their shape and can be of use in the learning process. You can put them in colors to give joy to stay, creating your birth date or placing different numbers randomly distributed along the wall, for example.

Ideas for decorating
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Framed numbers

We turn to the decor of the rest of the house. Another idea to enter numbers into it is through pictures. As simple as framing your favorite number! Just get your hands on a sheet (you can even print it yourself if you do not find in the market) and put a frame.


Another way to decorate with numbers is traverses pads. You can buy several digits that form a special date and place on the couch or bed. An anniversary, your birthday, the day you want always remembers…

Painted paper

If numbers are your passion, you can place in one of the walls of your home wallpaper with several of them. In the office you can look good, it will give a special touch to your workplace…

Ideas for decorating
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Adhesive vinyls

Moreover, adhesives are other alternative vinyls comfortable and decorative. You can see all the while that figure many memories bring you or you want to always remember.

Numbers on furniture

Here you have two options: the number comes drawn or printed on the cabinet itself, or that the cabinet itself is a number. There are lamps of numbers, for example, similar to those we have seen in the past of luminous letters, but changed for a number. They look great on any wall. The XXL size there is spectacular…

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Poster optician

One idea that I loved is to place a poster of those typical eye doctor with numbers in different sizes. Very original and decorative.

Ideas for decorating
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In the stairs

Another way of using the numbers is on the stairs inside of your home. In these two examples they have been used in two ways: through placement fees typically American and counting the days until reach the top echelons. Which one does you like the most?

Combined with lyrics

Combine letters and numbers will help you design a very cool decor. You can make different compositions on a wall, for example, or place them flat on a desk or shelf, or create a collage of pictures or photographs.

Roman numerals

Roman numerals become another opportunity to decorate with figures. Some people prefer this type of numbering and, just as with normal numbers, you can play with dates that are meaningful to you or your family.

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