Ideas to separate spaces

The ideas for separate spaces that teach you today may help you if you have a transparent housing in which you want to differentiate areas, either because your house is small and barely partitions, but you need to set different areas, either because you have available large rooms that You want to create different environments depending on the applications you are going to give each one of them. There are many ways to do it, and then we will see some of them. Search for inspiration? We help you find it…

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The curtains

A simple and economical way to separate areas is through the placement of curtains. It can serve, for example, if you are decorating a rented apartment and do not want to spend too much money on it or you can do works. It is sufficient to place a curtain dividing the room as best suits you. And, depending on how the fabric you choose, you will contribute to create a nice decoration.

Separate kitchen Salon

There are different ways of separating the kitchen area from the position intended for relaxation. For example, you can make use of an island that divides these two places, or a partition on that acts as counter to both sides, or a shelf as you see in the picture you get differentiate these two stays in a manner comfortable and functional, as well as help keep the house tidy allows light to pass through this unit.

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The shelves and wall units

And it is that the shelves are a simple and effective way to separate spaces at home. You can put more vertical or lower horizontal format, if they are open on both sides will light to pass through them and so not restores light to the room. And will allow you to also keep the room tidy.


A very original way that takes us to a natural landscape is to use logs to split areas in your house. With it you get a very special decoration while not saturate the space and that place several vertically spaced, is sufficient. The light will go through them and you’ll see what else you achieve beautiful effect.

Separate rooms using glass

The glass will give much play and many possibilities to differentiate stays. The airy homes make use of this solution in several rooms, achieving integrate with each other thanks to the light that brings this material. You can use it as a wall, in a sliding door, or design a wall of glass block glass that will also help you decorate the area where put in style.

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Sometimes, just put a rug to define a space within a room. You can place it under the dining table, for example, or on the sofas in the part for conversation and relaxation … You see how subtle divide your living room.


Always useful screens besides the comfort that you can move and place wherever you like, and can change the look of the room at a time, you’re going to find many decorative styles which you can design a unique decor in your home.

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