Planning your Perfect Kitchen

A kitchen is known as the heart of the home – the room which keeps the rest of the house going, a kitchen is something that is often where the family will congregate at the end of the day as well as being the place where the cooking is done, the washing is put on and the dishes are washed. So when it comes to creating the right kitchen for you this is an important and personal part of your home design.

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If you have decided the time is now right to have a new kitchen, but you are unsure how to go about making sure that it is right for you, here are some things to take into account before you make your decisions…

To begin with think about your current kitchen as a whole and what you want to change – from the big things, like the layout to whether you want to change the lighting or have seen some new downlight covers such as these from Thermahood direct – this is your starting point so try to get all your thoughts down so that you have a place to work from.

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When it comes to deciding what you want and where, think about how you use the space that you currently have and how you might get better use out of it. If you want a social area, plan it away from the cooker and the sink so that nobody is in the way. If you like, you can have a look through kitchen design ideas to get some inspiration before you commit.

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