The helpful world of the Estate Agent

The main thing that an estate agent has to do is sell your house. That’s it really, sell your home. Of course, there is a bit more to it than that. They will come around the place to be sold and help you assess the value of your house. While they are not valuers, they will know the market and the area, plus what potential buyers are looking for.

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You might think that the pink pagoda in the garden or the bedroom you’ve converted into a home bar is a winner, but the estate agent’s job is to be pragmatic and bring you back to earth. They will also look at ways that you can improve the house for sale; it is in their best interests, after all, by citing the fact that it might be a good idea to cut the grass in the garden and remove the offensive artwork that you have up on the wall before they start to take pictures. For advice from Gloucester Estate Agents, contact

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The estate agent will also ensure you have all the correct measurements and floor plan in place before setting up with professional photographers. They have to get the site looking like a new pin. They also look after an essential document, the Energy Performance Certificate or EPC. Modern homes require this as it may affect the view of the person looking to buy. They may want something affordable to heat and power.

It’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it, and it will fall to you to get it done unless you hire an estate agent.

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