Very decorative geometric floors

The geometric decoration is always very decorative. In fact, there are even studies that relate beauty to proportionality and symmetry, something that is possible to find in these forms that we can use in our decoration. Today we focus on the geometric floors, a very original and different floors that create special environments and stylish. They are striking, so if you bet on them remember that they will become the true protagonists of the stays. No one can stop looking at them!

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Black and white checkerboard floors

One of the most elegant and traditional to introduce this type of soil forms is to bet on the black and white. Works always, it is more discreet and looks great in any room, in kitchens if you want to give them an American air as in bathrooms or lounge.

Geometric floors in the bathroom

The bathroom, to generally be a not excessively large surface, it allows us to include this type of soil without much we get tired of them, perhaps because more spacious rooms can saturate. For that reason and because they are very decorative they are wonderful in this place. You can place the floor alone or bet on the same design on the floor and on the wall. If it is not too recharged the result can be spectacular, but be careful because you may sin to pass and that in the end you deplete visually too soon …

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Colored floors

If the black and white seems slightly bored you can also place mosaics of geometric shapes but by combining different colors. If the design will already attract attention by placing it with different tones will still do more. Remember that visually they are quite powerful so maybe it is better to bet on soft tones to load the room too much.

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The stripes

The stripes are very modern and can look great in the living room or even in the kitchen. The same, better not to pass to not get tired right away. You can choose the black and white, which always works, or other shades. Also ideal to give it a touch of fun to the nursery.

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Wooden flooring in zigzag

Another option, if you do not crave the tiles, is to place wooden floors make a drawing, for example, zigzag sheet. You can leave it in natural color or even in other shades to give it a more original air. Or, if you prefer, with a slightly more discrete square shape, or even combining wood with another geometric pattern. There are many options!

Different shapes and styles

The ways you can use in your soil may be hexagonal, with diamonds, square with square tiles with stripes in circular, with combinations of several of them … What is at issue is that you give this land that personality so marked Which provide this type of flooring, which you can place with tiles, vinyls, wood, etc. Even if you do not want to change the ground, you can play with the placement of a carpet that gives it that unique air to the room.

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