Ideas for transforming a nursery into a nursery

The children grow up. Irremediable and even if their parents want to stop the time when they are still small. And his bedroom may suddenly become too childish. They are teenagers and will no longer feel identified with certain decorative elements or the distribution will no longer be comfortable. And the time will come to have to transform the room so that they find their place again. Let’s look at some ideas to do it easily and turn your room into your particular stronghold where you will study, spend free time alone or with friends and rest.

When making this change it is recommended that they themselves participate in the process by providing solutions that may be more difficult to see from the outside. We will have to talk, even negotiate, because maybe there are decisions that you like less. In any case, it is about getting a comfortable, functional bedroom that reflects your personality through the decor.

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Which colors to choose?

If you are going to establish a dialogue to agree on proposals, the theme of colors will be one of the first to be discussed. The saying goes: “For tastes, the colors”. Few things are more personal … We give you some clues: blue encourages relaxation and calm, and if they go to study in the bedroom is also appropriate because it will help them concentrate. If you want to give an extra energy, you can opt for something red reduced with neutral tones like gray or white. The green also favors the tranquility and the yellow, in small doses, will be ideal to awaken its more creative side and to enhance its mental activity.

An aid to maintain order

As they grow, they are going to have more clothes and more. We will try to keep the order in your bedroom from the beginning. To do this we will supply the storage solutions room so that they organize everything as well as possible. You can put a trunk at the foot of the bed, for example, modular furniture, wooden boxes inside and outside the cabinets … Especially that the surface is cleared so that they can study and rest at ease.

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The importance of the study area

When we are tracing this transition from children’s room to juvenile, we must pay special attention to the space dedicated to the study. It is essential that you have enough natural light to study comfortably and that you feel comfortable with ergonomic furniture. Place shelves, drawers and everything you need to keep your books and notes.

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Change the decoration

Although parents are thinking about the functionality of your children, what will most urge you will be to change the decoration? Remove that wallpaper with motifs so childish, those dolls that until two days ago were his favorites … So it’s about renewing the decor. You can paint the walls with some of the colors that we talked about before or place a new wallpaper more updated. We will have to say goodbye to the stuffed animals and bet for a more youthful decoration. This may be centered on your hobbies, for example. You can also put photos, posters and posters or leave the room clear, almost minimalist. We are in a period of constant changes, maybe tomorrow I will stop to like what you have just put …

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Functional furniture

Although for parents who keep thinking about the functionality nothing better than to review some of the most practical ideas for furniture in this bedroom. For example, you can put a canap to have an extra storage underneath, or a trundle bed to have another mattress for when another person is sleeping or those that help save space. There are also closets that become desks.

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