Ideas to transform a child’s room on a teen

transform a child's room

Children grow much faster than sometimes we like. In addition, suddenly, your room as it was conceived begins to lose meaning because now the child, and become adolescent, often become his redoubt of privacy and that special and unique place to spend many hours of their time. The decor of this room must change with this transformation is having its principal inhabitant.It is not necessary for you to spend too much money; today we will see some thoughts to help you make a comfortable and effective transition in your child’s bedroom.

A quick and simple change

You see how easy changing four things in the room, you will be able to design a stay characteristic of the new age that is your son, since it is sufficient to give small decorative touches to make the result is that he expects and wants to his room.

 transform a child's room
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The wall colors

One way to easily renew your child’s room already has become teenager is painting the walls a different color. Surely, you like least pastel shades that you could use when he was younger. Opt for more vivid, intense colors, maybe not for all the walls but to one that emphasizes and copper all the attention.

Colors generally

In addition, this issue of wall colors applies to the entire stay. Moreover, it is that during adolescence, as I say, you probably prefer to see stronger and groundbreaking shades, which can incorporate through rugs, bedding, curtains, furniture or decorative objects. The bright colors will give a sense of vitality and strength, the clearest provide serenity. Also think about what will be more appropriate depending on the child’s personality.

 transform a child's room
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The decoration

This change is one of the most important. If your child has entered almost certain that nothing I had when I was child will like teen phase. Or dolls, and stuffed animals, no more baby pictures … give it a new look to the decor with, for example, a poster on the wall or pictures with pictures of your favorite singer.

A mirror

Young people love to look in the mirror, is not it? For if still no one in the room, it is time to put it. You can find very decorative patterns that will fit the environment of this stay.

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Another simple but essential change.Gone was sleep in sheets, princesses or a quilt Disney characters. Choose smooth, fresh, more neutral, for the sheets fabrics.If you want, you can give a touch of color with quilt and cushions to put on it.

 transform a child's room
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As your child grows your needs are also changing. You should see if the furniture you have to match it or whether, on the contrary, turn to make a major change. Here are some examples… If you like to bring friends home and have somewhere in the room you can put a sofa to meet there comfortably. On the other hand, it may be that more and have more clothes and shoes / accessories, so it will be necessary to extend or modify storage systems.

Study zone

Important, space also dedicated to the study. Ideally, you will be differentiated from the meeting place with friends and bed area, but everything depends on the size of the room. Just do not miss a place to store their books and materials and a table and chair for hours of study and work. Visit more Home improvment Tips and Ideas.

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