Four Ways that Horses Help your Health

Horses and humans have had a close relationship for centuries. Horses inspire works of literature like Black Beauty, art like this horse sculpture and they are also hugely beneficial to our health.

Here are four ways that horses can help you to be healthier…

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Losing Weight and Getting Fit – If you have decided that you want to lose some weight, then horse riding is great exercise. It is a great way to do cardio, and also the activities that come with keeping a horse and caring for it, such as cleaning and mucking out the stables also burn a lot of calories. As well as being great for burning calories, horse riding and care is also a great way to give the heart a workout, which reduces the risk of illnesses like heart disease in the future, and also helps to strengthen the muscles in your core.

Mental Health – Getting out and about on horseback in the fresh air is a great mood booster if you are feeling a little low. Horses are also widely used to help people with mental illnesses – this is known as equine therapy. Learning to ride a horse and spending time with the amazing creatures also gives a boost to self-confidence and is a positive thing to focus on if you are struggling with upsetting thoughts and feelings.

Social – Humans are social creatures and we all like to have companionship. As well as the horses themselves who are great to spend time around, learning to ride and joining classes to learn all of the ways to care for and ride a horse will also help you to meet people who have similar interests to you. If you are feeling a bit lonely or isolated, going to horse riding lessons could be exactly what you need to help you make new friends.

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Skills and Challenges – Horse riding is something that you are always learning. There are so many things that you can learn to improve your riding and having these challenges and honing your skills is a great way to help you make your life richer. Whether you want to learn show jumping, or how to break in a young horse, there is always plenty to keep you challenged.

Nickolas Hunter

Nickolas Hunter

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