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We continue fully enjoying our outdoor environments, from the terraces and gardens where you can spend pleasant moments when the warm weather arrives. Today we will see how we can dress the terrace or garden with textiles for cushions, seats, tablecloths or curtains. If you have not yet done, it’s time for you to provide your outside that unique personality through fabrics, colors and styles. We give you some guidelines.

Exterior Decoration
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The incidence of the sun

First, keep in mind that direct sunlight will cause the tissues lose color intensity and can be also altered its own characteristics. Therefore, it is important that before buying any fabric sun how long you study will give the place where you put the textiles, and choose a resistant to it.

Too much sun

If the place where you will put these textiles get much sun better choose natural fabrics and sturdy fabrics, to prevent tearing and deteriorating finish, and opt for the white , as other more intense and may end up with discolored look pretty. If you want to give some joy to counteract the neutrality of white cushions can choose, for example, having embroidered or different textures to give you more personality.

Little sun

If, however, the place where you go to put the textile does not get much sun because it is covered, you’ll introduce some color and more delicate synthetic or natural fabrics. Here you will play with the combinations between the different elements such as cushions, seats, blinds or curtains even if you have Balinese beds, for example.

What colors do you choose?

As I say, it all depends on how you combine or style you want to give your terrace or garden.Being a space that used more in summer is good to give you joy because it is usually associated with pleasant moments in wonderful company. Therefore, the reds, oranges, pinks, turquoises and greens are great allies if you want to breathe life into your terrace or garden.

Exterior Decoration
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As for prints, flowers always look great, they provide a very cheerful and fresh air, or stripes. If you choose the latter, you can create a marine style on your terrace with textiles in white and blue stripes, for example, if you want to take a little sea to your home …

Waterproof fabrics

Another thing you should consider is having permeability fabrics you choose. If you are waterproof and will last much longer avoid moisture on cushions, tablecloths or seats that you have on the terrace. Normally outdoor fabrics are already made ​​for living outdoors and withstand adverse weather conditions.

Exterior Decoration
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Outdoor Curtains

Normally terraces and gardens curtains are used to differentiate environments or preserve privacy in certain areas. In this case, it is possible to choose stiffer and lighter fabrics, depending on the effect you want to achieve, it is also possible to play with plain or printed and make other textile game with sofas, cushions, etc.

What other textiles can include?

Something which gives a very special bohemian air to your terrace is put some blanket on furniture, floor cushions and a low table with a colorful carpet. You get so create a chill atmosphere most welcoming.

Nickolas Hunter

Nickolas Hunter

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