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Having a beautiful home need not take huge amounts of money or effort. It is possible to achieve with a little style and an eye for bargains. If you enjoy hunting for bargains then half the fun is in the hunt and it is possible to find beautiful things for your home at a fraction of the cost.

It’s not about brands but style. It’s ok to appreciate the finer things in life but why pay more when you can almost identical items a great deal cheaper. This means that you can have a home that looks and feels great in a totally achievable way. Style, of course, is all about personal taste but here are some ways of making your house look ‘high end’ without paying top dollar.

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When it comes to painting, the leading brands will normally have a better finish to them. However, there are some budget manufacturers who offer paint that is consistent and covers well for a fraction of the cost. Sticking to neutral colours will cost you less in the long term as you won’t need to redecorate often to make the room look different. Changing the colours of your accessories will give your room a makeover and whatever colour you choose will also blend in with a neutral backdrop.

Discount stores are also a good place to buy decorating equipment and because you’ve not spent a fortune, you won’t feel the need to wash the brushes and find a place to store them. Using old bedding or old curtains to cover furniture also saves you having to buy sheets for decorating purposes.

Upcycling is another useful tool in giving your home a makeover without forking out for new furniture. You’d be amazed at how good something can look once it’s been sanded down and repainted. So instead of binning furniture that you’ve outgrown or has gone out of fashion, see if there is anything that can be done to give it a new lease of life. ‘Shabby chic’ is all the rage these days and if you don’t fancy hanging on to it, then do it up and sell it on. For a site with beautiful houses

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The best places to look for second hand bargains are Gumtree or your local Facebook buy and sell pages. You’d be surprised at the things people want rid of and it’s always a good idea to barter too, to save yourself a few more pennies. When people decide to redecorate they often part with accessory sets that don’t go with their new choice of colour scheme. This is a great chance to bag a bargain and you’ll see all sorts on offer from furniture to ornaments to framed pictures.

Accessorizing is probably the most important element of styling as it adds so much to the character of a room. Shops that stock a huge variety of homeware include places like The Range, Matalan, B&M and the various supermarkets. You can imitate the most Beautiful houses as these stores carry cheaper versions of the high end style seen in the larger department stores.

Nickolas Hunter

Nickolas Hunter

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