How to make your home warm and cosy

Heading into the cooler seasons, is your home missing that cosy factor that makes you feel warm and sheltered from the elements? Do you want to create a snug and cosy environment in which to hang out and pass the cooler seasons? Read on for some tips to make your home super cosy.

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Drafts are the enemy

Nothing cools a room down faster and makes you feel more exposed to the elements than a cool draft entering your home from underneath doorways or gaps in window panes. The Centre for Sustainable Energy says that draft-proofing is one of the cheapest and most efficient ways to save energy and money in your home. Many draft-proofing jobs are quick and easy, like using draft strips to fill in gaps around windows, skirting boards or cracks in walls.

Cushions, throws, rugs and wall hangings are your friends

Textiles are a great way to add character to your home. But they also serve a practical purpose in that they can reduce drafts and add warmth. Using rugs on a cold floor can definitely help make the room feel warmer, as can wall hangings on a cold outside wall.

If you’re going to be inside anyway in the colder months, why not create one yourself? Home-made natural textiles can instantly add a cosy and sumptuous feel to a home. It’s easy enough for beginners to do with handy crochet kits like the ones from that contain everything you need.

Bake something nice or light a candle

As well as temperature and aesthetics, don’t neglect the power of smell to create a sense of cosiness and autumnal cheer. Cinnamon, vanilla and cloves instantly create well-being, so why not bake some biscuits, or light a nice candle?

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Maurice Andrews

Maurice Andrews

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