Leather vs fabric sofas: Which is best for you?

A stylish sofa can transform a living room, and theres nothing better than coming home and relaxing in comfort at the end of a long day. With a range of styles on the market, its important to make the right choice between leather and fabric. Here are a few tips to help you decide whats best for you.

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The pros and cons of luxurious leather

If its timeless style youre after, a leather sofa will tick the box. You can add a touch of class with a contemporary, smart and sophisticated style, or opt for a more relaxed, or even vintage feel, with a more classic design.

The drawback of a chic leather piece is often its cost, as genuine leather sofas tend to come with a higher price tag. Faux leather will be cheaper, but it shows in its inferior quality and durability. Genuine leather is long-lasting, less prone to damage and easier to maintain, making it a worthwhile investment for an ageless addition to your home.

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The pros and cons of flexible fabrics

Fabric is a more flexible option if you want either a neutral tone for a modern, light decor, or alternatively a bold, colourful centrepiece for your living room. With extensive variation in materials, colours and patterns, you can garner a classic, contemporary, rustic, vintage or even retro vibe.

You can browse various types of fabrics online to get a feel for the colours and textures available, including white cotton fabric, at places like https://www.higgsandhiggs.com/fabrics/plain-cotton-fabric.html.

Another noticeable difference in comparison to genuine leather is the price tag. Fabric sofas tend to be more affordable, though prices will of course vary depending on the material, brand and style.

Britons are holding off on big purchases and tightening the purse strings in the current economic climate, with the retailer DFS suffering more than a 20% drop in their shares earlier this year. So its perhaps more important than ever to invest well in your home and make the right choice for your needs and budget.

With fabric comes a few potential drawbacks, especially where cleaning and maintenance are concerned. In addition, the lesser durability compared to leather means you may be looking at replacing or reupholstering every 5 to 7 years if you want them still looking their best.

Nickolas Hunter

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