Practical ideas for introducing pallets into the decoration

From a time to this part, the pallets have been installed in our decoration. It is an inexpensive way to use this wood and give it many different uses. And if you want, with only one of these pallets you will have a new furniture and if you combine several of them you can get incredible things. If you want to discover ideas to use in the decoration of your home do not miss anything that we have below.

pallets into the decoration
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Pallet for outdoor furniture

With wood treated to be outdoors or untreated if it will be covered, the pallets become great furniture for your terrace or balcony. You can create with them a comfortable sofa, they will serve as base and above you will only have to put some soft cushions. They can also be converted into pot holders and create with them an original vertical garden.

Bed headboards made with pallets

If there is a place where pallets offer an amazing result is in the bedroom. You can create the base for your bed with these woods and put your mattress on top. Of course, it should be a comfortable and good mattress because the pallet becomes the bed base of your bed. A widespread use is to convert them into headboards; you can place one or make a composition with several, putting the slats in vertical or horizontal position. If you want to give a very romantic touch hangs a fairy lights on this headboard, it will combine very well with the vintage air that gives the wood to the room.

pallets into the decoration
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To decorate walls

A pallet hung on a wall, well used, is very decorative. You can simply put one with the natural wood and write in the lamas phrases or words you like, for example, or paint some color that matches your decoration to make a kind of frieze that runs through one of the walls.

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Furniture ancillary

The pallets are ideal to make an auxiliary furniture. Look at these two examples. In one we see a bar for the kitchen, does not occupy just size and you will find it very comfortable, in addition, to differentiate spaces if this stay is attached to the dining room, for example. Another idea is to make a coffee table for the living room. You only have to put a wheel and the effect that is created is very cool, do not you think?

pallets into the decoration
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Storage system

Another way of using these pallets is to turn them into convenient storage systems. For example, you can create a bookcase for books. You can also put one in the hall, with the painted lamas or their natural color, and make a coat rack that also serves to hang the keys and leave decorative elements like a pot.

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