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Bathroom remodelling

The Nordic style is wonderful in any room where you decide to use it. A native of Scandinavia has come to our homes to stay, if you like as much as me. They are clean, clear spaces, which provide a sense of warmth, quiet, very welcoming. Those in which fancy staying we have seen how beautiful it is in children’s bedrooms or lighting. But today I want to show several ideas for decorating your bathroom with this very elegant style. You will see how you get print personality to this place that we sometimes forget that it also has many decorative possibilities…

Bathroom remodelling
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In a Nordic bath you cannot miss the wood. Usually it introduced in light colors, for example, under the mirror or dramatically enhances furniture. But you can also use it by placing a nice stool style vintage or modular shelving to leave your towels tidy also in supplements or floor. It is warm and cozy.

Round mirrors

An idea that looks great in a bathroom with Nordic style is to put the mirror Oval. What do you think? I love the effect created with a retro feel, but very elegant at the same time.

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Subway tiles

In one of the photos above you could see a beautiful tiles type meter in the bathroom wall. How about this idea? Its design will help you decorate the bathroom of a very cool way; they look great in this room.

Bathroom remodelling
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Mix textures

Another interesting idea for decorating your bathroom is to use different textures, for example, porcelain, wood, cement, cotton textiles, wicker baskets … for a few combinations charming to pose a unique interior design in this room of the house.

Styles intertwined

As you can mix textures, you can combine styles. Nordic precisely because it is so simple, so clear and light, together with other great as, for example, the vintage, industrial or shabby chic. Being Scandinavian protagonist, it will not be too bad you incorporate a different element, such as an industrial metal lamp or one of the other more typical spider style Nordic…

Bathroom remodelling
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Introduce a splash of color

We know that the Scandinavian style is always associated with white. But we have seen in previous articles that may give hints of color, simple and effective, to decorate the rooms.In the bathroom, too. Therefore, you can place a flower with vivid hues to enter nature at home, some towels, rugs or any accessory sink in stronger colors or a geometric pattern that looks great with this decorative style. A checkerboard floor in black and white can be spectacular.

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Functional and furnished

The simplicity and functionality characterize the Nordic style. Therefore,it is not necessary to recharge stay with a lot of things, actually put the fewer the better. White is the main color and helps create this very welcoming, clear, clean and bright atmosphere. Do not spoil it by adding a lot of furniture and accessories that prevent design a unique bathroom…

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