What are the pros and cons of silicone hoses?

Whether you are a professional mechanic or simply doing some repairs or modifications to your own vehicle, there are any number of different product types on the market from which to choose.

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When it comes to your radiator, you can opt for traditional rubber hoses or try silicone hoses; each have their own merits and drawbacks. Silicone hoses are also suitable for other systems within the vehicle that are subject to changes in temperature.

If you are not a trained mechanic, the online resource How a Car Works has some great advice on how to get started with a radiator repair. Lets look at the pros and cons of choosing silicone hoses.

Benefits of silicone hoses

Silicone, by its very nature, is a much more flexible product than rubber. This means that hoses made of silicone can be much easier to apply and remove than traditional rubber products. They are also less likely to degrade and harden over time, which is another reason they are easier to remove in the longer term.

If the aesthetics of your vehicle are important to you, silicone hoses are probably the best choice. They have a slightly metallic effect, which is much easier on the eye than standard rubber hoses.

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Drawbacks of silicone hoses

On the downside, silicone products are always more expensive than rubber ones. If you are not too bothered about the appearance of the internal workings of your vehicle, or you are not planning to keep it for long, rubber hoses may be the option for you.

Silicone hoses of the same internal dimension as rubber ones are always larger externally, as they have a slightly thicker wall. This means you will also need to replace the hose clips, adding more expense.

Part of the reason that silicone hoses are easier to remove than rubber is that they do not form quite as tight a seal as rubber products, which may result in a slight loss of efficiency from your radiator.

If you are considering changing your rubber hose to silicone, silicone hose manufacturers and suppliers such as www.goodflexrubber.com can advise you on the range of options available.

If you want your vehicle to look good and dont mind the extra expense, silicone hoses might be the ideal replacement for your rubber ones.

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Nickolas Hunter

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