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Have you ever wondered what might have happened if you’d chosen to go through a different door in life? Some think that for every decision we make, a parallel universe is created in which we made a different decision. For example, have you ever missed a bus or train and then thought that an event might never have occurred if you had, in fact, have got on that train. Maybe you met your future partner this way and yet your paths may never have crossed had you made a different decision that fateful day. If you’ve ever seen the 1998 romantic comedy called Sliding Doors, then you’ll know that this film covers that exact subject.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s character gets fired from her job and as she leaves her office, she drops ger earring. A man retrieves it for her and she rushes off to catch her tube but misses it. The story then runs in parallel with the alternate character having caught the train and follows the two paths that her life could take depending on whether she got on that train or not. It’s an interesting plot or plots and makes us think about the possibility of millions of parallels universes containing ourselves but doing different things.

The name Sliding Doors give us a feeling of opportunities taken or missed depending on whether we make the open door in time or whether it closes on us like a missed train. While they can’t promise to show you an alternative life, why not consider making a positive change in your home by fitting some new doors for your wardrobe? For Dublin Sliding Doors, visit http://www.keanewindows.ie/sliding-doors.html.

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Parallel universes have been used in many film plots, the most famous of which is The Wizard of Oz which portrays a parallel world in the Land of Oz and the real world back in Kansas. More recently, the Back to the Future franchise features Marty McFly trying to sort out the accidental creation of an alternative present and future. The current Star Trek films are set in an alternative universe that was created by the first film’s villain travelling back in time and changing how things happened. Source Code is another recent movie which explores that concepts of quantum reality and parallel universes.

The comedy Red Dwarf explored the concept in a number of episodes where the crew meet alternative versions of themselves. Lister, Rimmer and Holly are female and Cat is a Dog. And of course, Doctor Who also slides into different dimensions frequently as only a Time Lord can. In the episode called ‘Inferno’, the Doctor accidentally travels to a parallel universe where Great Britain is a republic under the control of a fascist leader and the world is destroyed by erupting volcanoes. Thank goodness we’re not in that one!

You are not immune to the parallel universe in the world of video gaming either. In the survival horror game Silent Hill, the town seems to fluctuate between reality and the foggy nether world full of monsters and zombies. Resistance: Fall of Man is set in alternative universe where Russia never experienced the revolution but instead sparked an aggressive invasion from aliens.

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