6 solutions to organize your jewelry DIY

Have your necklaces, rings and bracelets drawers and shelves scattered? Are you going to wear a necklace and you’ll find yourself hooked with two or three and it takes half an hour to become with which you want to take at that time? This cannot go on … So today I propose 6 Ideas DIY to organize your jewelry in a practical way and at the same decorative time as these proposals will get maintain order your supplements while you decorate the bedroom with your creation. You want to see how to get it? Do not miss anything of what comes next.

organize your jewelry
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1. On a hanger

One way to organize your jewelry is to reuse a hanger. In the bottom hooks placed so that they hang your necklaces and leaves neatly organized bracelets on top. Put the hanger on a hook on your wall and you can even customization for itself very decorative.

2. Coat hanger clay

This idea of the blog I Spy DIY is to design a hanger with clay, in this case of black and white for an elegant result. First stretches the black clay and add flecks of white clay to give a touch to black. Then cut triangle shapes and place a hook to hang behind the wall. You can also make a loose piece for your rings. Look how pretty and decorative remains.

organize your jewelry
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3. Bars on the wall

To leave your necklaces with a perfect fall and prevent tangling with each other can install a bar on the wall you can hang. There are many ways to do this. One is to put a small wooden blocks and place a thin metal rod from which to hang your necklaces. You can also do this by creating a coat rack customized with a wooden board and a few knobs of different styles, for example.

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4. Necklaces framed

Another idea to leave your necklaces in order and decorate the room at the same time is placing them in a few frames. You can put hooks on the wall and install the overlay frame so that looks like a box. Similarly, you can use the frame and add strips of crochet as they have done in this example you can see in the picture on the left.

organize your jewelry
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5. Old Drawer

You have a comfortable totally wasted in the storeroom. Take one of his drawers and give it a new life by creating a very cool jewelry organizer. You can customize it with paint chalk paint or decoupage, for example. Hang on the wall or leave it leaning against a piece of furniture and placed inside a small hooks, which keep order your necklaces and bracelets.

6. Decorative objects

Use decorative elements in principle have nothing to do with the jewels to keep them organize. Look at these two examples. In one of them have used a nice tree to hang from each of its branches bracelets, necklaces, and other have used a glass bottle and have placed on her bracelets. What do you think these solutions?

So far our review of these ideas, DIY to create a custom and decorative organizer of necklaces, bracelets and rings. You see that the order is not incompatible with the decor and with a few simple elements such as wood, hangers and hooks you can create a hanging to keep your jewelry always at hand and easily accessible in a very decorative way and created to your liking .Activate your imagination and … to work!

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