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How important are the locks and what little money invested in them. They are located at the point of entry to a house and agrees that are of quality. Otherwise we risk putting it on a plate to the thieves, who indeed do not usually have trouble meeting its objectives will be chosen as the lock. Yes, it costs them more and take longer to open your door can deter them, something especially effective on floors where there are neighbors.

Today’s article is not about the quality of the locks. It’s about the most common problems that we have with them. Identify them is easy, but solving can be more entertaining. Take note!

I cannot turn the key

If the lock is simple, you probably need some lubrication. Conversely, if the mechanism is combined opening (key and knob turn at a time), the best you can do is try to open looking at different points. The articulation of the first day is lost with the passage of time and is more difficult to find the exact spot that allows you to open the door. The last resort is to use graphite powder (sell sprays that are very good).

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I cannot get the key

This problem is more maddening than the previous if possible. If the key is brand – new, maybe the burrs prevents proper introduction. Lmala and try again (take it to the setting you made the copy if necessary).

If a copy has already worked on occasion, take a look inside the lock to remove dirt which could be preventing access. With a needle, and a pulse first, try to remove all the fat.

Another reason that can happen has to do with the cold. Probably the lock is frozen. In that case, you can about a lighter to lock carefully to break the ice.

Finally, once again you can turn to graphite powder, which is holy hand.

The key turns, but I cannot open

When the key goes well and doing spinning but does not open, one is left with stupid face. Because it happens? Usually that happens when the lock mechanism has some defect. If you have enough knowledge to do repair. If you do not dare or do not see clear, changing the entire lock or call a locksmith to fix the problem (sometimes more expensive fix the lock to buy a new one).

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The key is stuck and I cannot get her out

He pulls it with city, very carefully. If you do you can leave the lever unusable. Take it with a pliers and gently try to remove it, moving it from side to side without making sudden movements.

The latch does not function

Both use it, it can happen that the pins have been misaligned. Do not be nervous and Fix it as convenient: with lubricating, spray granite dust, repositioning the part attached to the doorframe or tightening the screws to straighten.

The latch is jammed

We talked again of misalignment. In this case, the fault can be of the hinges. To check, lift the door and look at the movement of the pin. This way you will know whether to correct the position, something you can achieve by moving the hinges or latch, which is less cumbersome.

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