Ideas to decorate a small space without saturating it

Making the most of a stay of small size is essential to take advantage of every square meter available at home. Today we are going to see some ideas to decorate small spaces but without saturating them, because sometimes we can fall into the error of wanting to include many things and we end up putting too many, which makes the site can be somewhat overwhelming. It is a question of avoiding this, and with the proposals that we will see below you will be able to obtain it.

decorate a small space
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Crystal for decorating and dividing spaces

If you live in a loft house, there are many ways to differentiate spaces. The glass is a material that will help you do it without saturating, as it lets the light through and is very light and luminous. You can put sliding doors or use it on furniture.

A small hall

Now we are going to see ideas that you can apply in different places of your house. We will start with the hall, which, not being small, has to stop being decorated or, what is worse, full of furniture and objects that give a feeling of overwhelm as soon as it arrives. You can simply place a box or several on the main wall, and leave the area below with a narrow shelf to store your things or just hangers to hang your clothes. With very little you can get a very cool effect.

decorate a small space
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Small Furniture

Sometimes we try to place a normal piece of furniture in a small space, but although it fits by your measurements, you will be saturating the area too much and the result can be harmful. Bet on small furniture that will help you to decongestant. Use only the ones you really need and choose materials and light finishes. Another option may be to choose a large (or normal) furniture that becomes a focal point and add more functional ones that are smaller.

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Shelving for vertical use

Placing shelves and shelves is the best way to take advantage of the vertical space in any small room. You can even put them in the corners so you still have more room for your stuff. Of course, then do not fill these shelves with a lot of objects, only those strictly necessary to maintain order and give a decorative touch to the room.

decorate a small space
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One of the easiest ways that visually spaces are not overloaded is to use light colors. They contribute to make the room seem a little bigger and eliminate the feeling of overwhelm. My favorite is always white, as it is a very clean, bright and cozy color. Although if you do not like painting all your white walls you can opt for other equally soft tones.

How to Decorate a Small Bathroom

The small bathrooms do not have to stop being decorated. Keeping order is imperative when space is tight, and there are many ideas for it. You can choose narrow and tall furniture, for example, that leave a gap between them so that the stay is not so overwhelming. You can also place shelves on the cistern, a place generally wasted, or on other walls. Do not be too broad.

decorate a small space
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The mirrors

It is the best known trick to visually enlarge spaces. They allow the rooms to look bigger and, moreover, you can play with your style to decorate the room. They allow a lot of possibilities.

Decorate without abuse

Not because you want to decorate small spaces without saturating them, you have to decant for minimalism. Whatever style you like fits perfectly to a small place, what you have to do is not abuse the decorative details and place only what is strictly necessary. Sometimes with something minimal, a plant, a picture or a vinyl on a wall, you’ll be getting an incredible effect. Less is more!

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