How to light your terrace or garden this summer

light your terrace

Now is the good time and the desire to seize the moments on the terrace or in the garden increasing every day. During the warmer months the nights become our great allies and dine in this outer space or enjoy a drink under the stars makes us forget the high temperatures experienced during the day.

For those summer nights so nice, have good lighting for your terrace or garden is very important. It can be functional to eat comfortably and also decorative, which will help design very beautiful and relaxing environments. Today we know some ideas that will serve to it.

light your terrace
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The candles

Full of candles your terrace or garden, or the specific place you want to give birth, and will achieve a romantic and cozy atmosphere. Then you can combine with ambient light or other lighting to be so dim or put them alone if that is precisely the effect you want to achieve. You can put them loose or in decorative candleholder.

Wreaths LED lights

Definitely my favorite lighting, Garlands LED lights are ideal for outdoor spaces and get a touch very decorative to your terrace or garden. They are also wonderful in balconies. You can place color, ideal for outdoor party; you can opt for the old bulb type or place them in a glass container. There are many choices and they are all very cool.

light your terrace
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Lighting steps

If to return to the house is necessary to climb a step you can enlighten anyone should stumble and know all find the way. In addition, it also provides a very special ambient lighting.

Light flowerpots

The pots are also lamps are another idea to illuminate (and decorate at the same time) your terrace or garden. Some come with spectacular designs, very large and very nice colors.

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Solar lamps

With sunlamps will take advantage of sunlight that reach you during the day and when night will be charged to light your terrace or garden. They are perfect for romantic and relaxing environments as they provide soft lighting. You will forget to turn them off or turn them on since they alone do all the work.

light your terrace
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General lighting

If you want your terrace is fully lit you can combine different types of lights such as spotlights that illuminate the walls, beacons and even candles. You will have enough light to eat comfortably and enjoy an evening in good company around a table.

Lighting sets

Another option is to place light fixtures at certain points that you know you need an extra light, as can be the table at which to dine, the barbecue area or a special corner where you like to read in the light of the moon, for example. Combined with any of the other proposals that we have seen before allow you to design a perfect lighting for your terrace or garden.

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