The man who’d make a good roofer.

One person that would be in a very good position to become a roofer if they ever felt like it was Batman. Don’t believe me? Take a look at any of the films and graphic novels about him and he will be at some point on some Gotham roof either looking down at a crime about to happen, surveilling some super villain like the Joker or Penguin or he will be threatening to chuck someone off it. This perspective must give him an outlook on the roof as it is important for his job that they are stable.

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Batman would be in safe hands if he ever decided to operate in Gloucester as a Gloucester Roofer company like make sure that a professional and safe job is done every time. If Batman decides that the whole costumed vigilante gig is no longer for him perhaps he could use his experience working in the industry?

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Think about it, he’s not getting any younger is he and the sheer amount of time he spends skulking in the shadows of a rooftop he must have noticed the good ones from the bad ones. However, he might have to rethink his daily working attire.

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