Ideas to decorate a room of marriage

Decorate a bedroom

The master bedroom is the space that you share with your partner and you sure want to give a special touch. Is your haven of privacy and rest and decor will help design a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. How to get it? Today we review several ideas, to decorate this room and make that space like both equally and where you to feel always at ease.


For this room is quiet and relaxing clear, pastels and neutral colors will be your best allies. You can opt for a single tone and enter a different range or mix various colors, for example, painting one of the walls a shade more intense and leaving the rest white, with furniture the same color as the wall or other combining . The less use and are softer, more will be favoring the break. A combination that can be very harmonious and serene if you want to mix colors may be to use white with touches of blue, without abuse, and green, a tone that invites relaxation.

Decorate a bedroom
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Where to place the furniture

For ye both comfortable access to the bed place it so that there is enough room for both sides to reach it and move comfortably around the room. Place a couch or chair in one corner to create a space for reading or relaxing and dress him with some nice cushions that give a cozy feel to the room.

Decorating accessories

In this room you can include those decorative items you like them both and your history speak, for example, a picture together, a picture of that place that I always enjoy visiting, a memento of that unforgettable trip .. Just do not it is to fill the room of things but to give it a personal touch with small details well chosen.

The decorative style

Another idea for your bedroom is to opt for a particular decorative style you like for this stay. It’s probably related to the style that has the rest of the house; maybe you like vintage decor, or prefer one Industrial bedroom, or perhaps decadents by an aesthetic Provence. The colors, patterns and materials used will help create this stay completely to your liking.

Decorate a bedroom
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The lighting

To complement the natural light is important to count on an artificial lighting lamps on the nightstands and a spot light on the ceiling.

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The tables

To give a different room of marriage nothing like betting on a touch tables original night and full of style. You can place some old suitcases stacked, or a wooden chair that makes you the times table.

The headboard

Another option to play with the decor of this room is to bet on a headboard different than monopolizing all eyes. You can use recycled materials as wooden pallets or even an old door or some old skis. Let not lack imagination!

Decorate a bedroom
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Functional furniture

While we are talking about decoration, we cannot forget the functionality of these spaces. To get a comfortable bedroom, in every sense, is committed to furniture to help you make the most of the space and will offer interesting alternatives storage; you know that the functionality is not incompatible with the style …


To achieve this comfortable and friendly atmosphere textiles are essential. You can play with the prints of the bedding, which go in line with the style chosen for this room, put some carpet and cushions to give a cozy touch.

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