Do you like the gray? You will love this penthouse Stockholm then full of light and design

The gray is a color that often go unnoticed by many in the field of decoration. But well combined, and always with a commitment to this color in large and bright spaces, the result can be elegant and spectacular.

As spectacular as this exclusive penthouse on two floors located in Stockholm where nothing has been left to chance. On the ground floor, we find the common areas. In the superiors floor bedrooms and a terrace with amazing views of this Nordic capital.

Gray Decor
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As you can see, the gray predominates in this penthouse on walls, furniture or accessories like the living room carpet.

The touch of color is reserved to plants, paintings on the walls, some lamps or pieces of very selected furniture.

In the lounge, the space around which the vuda of the house, stands above all a pendant fireplace to provide comfort and warmth to the long winter nights.

Gray Decor
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How could it be otherwise, this penthouse is extremely bright, a fact that as mentioned at the beginning of the post, has allowed its owners bet on this color.

The kitchen, also in dark tones, opens the door room without separate. It stresses the Carrara marble countertop, or the large storage capacity of furniture, something that comes in handy in any kitchen.

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On the top floor, and after climbing the stairs light, there are three bedrooms. In the master bedroom include existing windows on three of the four walls, or the color of the wood and green as opposed to gray.

Gray Decor
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In the baby’s bedroom, also predominantly gray hues contrasting with some toys or cakes with the triptych that is on the cradle.

On this floor there is also a fantastic terrace which is certainly the counterpoint of color to the rest of the house, including wood outdoor furniture, green plants or chair pink forge.

A dream house with gray as the protagonist. And you, do you like the way it is designed, or perhaps meteras a little more color to give a little life?

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