What Happens When We Flush the Toilet?

When we flush the toilet, we send waste down the sewer pipe. This is where all other waste from the home, including dirty water from the washing machine and kitchen sink, gets dumped. All this waste is known as sewage and goes to a treatment plant to be disposed of.

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The waste that goes down the toilet is called wastewater. It contains things that should be biodegradable and flows into sewer pipes. These substances are called sewage and are disposed of at the water treatment plant. When you experience problems with any of your pipes, consider Drain Lining Windsor at a site like https://www.drainpower.co.uk/drainage-services/drain-lining/drain-lining-windsor/

The wastewater that arrives at a water treatment plant is called effluent. After it’s been filtered to remove fine particles, it’s then sent through a filtration system to kill bacteria and viruses. After the filtration process, the water is disinfected with ozone, chlorine, or peroxide. Then, it’s sent through a series of basins and chambers so that the chemicals kill any remaining bad microorganisms. The water that comes out is called reclaimed and released back into the environment.

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The wastewater is sent through two processes. The first one is primary treatment, which is the first step of treatment. In this phase, cultivated microorganisms eat the suspended organic matter in the water. These organisms include food particles, human waste, and even organic matter. The second part of the secondary process, sedimentation, removes the microorganisms, leaving fairly clean wastewater. The last step is secondary treatment.

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