Key areas of your garage to check regularly

Whilst your garage might be a space that you don’t use for anything other than storing your garden furniture and other ad hoc items, it is a space that you need to maintain. Most garages are built as single skin buildings which means that they do not have separate internal walls and insulation. This can make them susceptible to dampness. There are a number of key areas of your garage that you need to make sure you are checking on a regular basis. Here are some of them for you to see.

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Door – making sure your garage door closes properly not only helps to keep your garage space and the items it contains safe and secure, but it also helps to prevent water from seeping in through the gap. The areas of your garage door that you need to check are the locking mechanism and the mechanical moving parts of the door. If you need repairs or a new door a Garage Doors Bristol company such as can help

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Walls – check your doors on a regular basis to make sure that there are no signs of dampness. If you do notice that dampness is starting to seep into your garage space you should look for signs of water leaks and you can use special materials to seal the inside of your garage and dry the space out.

Roof – the roof of your garage should be checked regularly to check for any slipped tiles and also damage and blockages in your gutters. These can cause water to seep into the garage space and dampness to occur.

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