Five crafts with plastic bottles

Recycle plastic bottles

With a little imagination and some plastic bottles you can create a very cool and original decoration for your home. If you do not have a lot of things first, quiet, that’s what this section of RealOrigin in which we encourage you to do things with your own hands. Today I want to show five crafts with plastic bottles with which you can give renewed profits to these containers and decorate your home at the same time. You’ll see the beautiful things you can do with this object apparently so simple. Lets get to work!

Recycle plastic bottles
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1 – Flower pots

One way to reuse these bottles to give a decorative use is using them to design a beautiful flower pots where you can place your plants and flowers preferred. You can make pendants, cutting the bottle in half and leaving the cap portion down (as in the main photo), or using the bottom of the bottle, also cut, as a vase or pot, being able to decorate the outside just as you like: painted, with washitape, with vinyl, leaving transparent with land in sight …

2 – Candle holder with plastic bottles

To make a candle holder with the base of the bottle you need scissors, black tape, the candle and the bottle, of course. First cut the base with low height and stick the tape around the diameter remaining. If you do not like black you can use a tape of another color. How easy! You can also make candelabra with the top. For this cuts the cap portion of two bottles and glue for that place. When dry you can decorate as you like. Even if the bottle has a color it will not need to add anything more.

Recycle plastic bottles
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3 – How to make a bean bag with plastic bottles

Now let’s make a slightly larger piece of furniture, particularly a puff. The materials you’ll need, as we explained are:

  • 32 bottles of the same size
  • A roll of tape
  • Pieces of cloth and sponge
  • Needle and thread

First you have to cut the bottles a little below the cap and join with each other, so they are like having two bases; attach them with adhesive tape. Then you put them together in a circle or large square and paste all bottles assembled with adhesive tape above and below. In part that serves as a seat you can put a pillow or cushion to be more comfortable, and you can already cover your bean bag with fabric that you like.

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Recycle plastic bottles
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4 – A pen holder

Now let’s decorate our office with personalized pen holders and very easy to do. You will need, of course, a water bottle, scissors or a utility knife and something to decorate your creation. There are many ways to do it. This simple is to cut the bottom of the bottle, with more height than the candle holder before, and place or colored black ribbon on top as easy as that. If you want to add difficulty you can decorate in many ways, paint, line it with a card, hit a self -adhesive vinyl around…

5 – Butterflies

This craft’ve seen in Home Kids and are making pretty butterflies with plastic bottles. You’ll need scissors, glue and scraps of cloth. First cut a piece of plastic on the smooth part of the bottle, draw the butterfly silhouette and cut it out (you can help a template). Glue the fabric on the butterfly and cut what you about. You’ll have a perfect butterfly to decorate the wall of the childrens room, for example, or any room of the house.

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