Benefits of Natural Lighting

The benefits of natural lighting are obvious to most people. Natural daylight provides illumination that can help increase productivity in the workplace. Homeowners are constantly surveying their homes for potential improvements to their lighting, knowing that the benefits of natural light can complement the artificial lighting chosen inside the home. For lighting solutions and Ceiling Roses, go to a site like Creative Cables Ceiling Rose

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Benefits of natural light are not just seen in terms of better sleep and relaxation. Research has shown that exposure to natural daylight throughout the day helps to promote good mental health and the ability to concentrate. Experts estimate that 47 percent of all the energy utilised by a household is dedicated to space conditioning (temperature control and lighting). Natural light creates energy savings through allowing a homeowner to utilise less electricity, air conditioning or even eliminates (or significantly reduces) the need for artificial light.

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One of the other important benefits of natural lighting is improved visual acuity. As the seasons change, we tend to lose a lot of light. A lack of vitamin A, B, C and other nutrients that are produced in the human eye occurs as we convert beta-carotene to Vitamin A, creating an imbalance in our eyes for the winter months. But when we see bright sunlight in the winter months, our eyes adjust naturally to the changes, resulting in more alertness and better vision.


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