Common Problems with Your Building Project

Whether you are building an extension to add some extra space to your current home or you are building a new home completely from scratch, there are some problems that are commonly encountered when doing a project like this. Being aware of the things that can happen to throw a spanner in the works helps you to plan for them and work out how you are going to get around them if and when you need to.

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Going Over Budget – Building projects are expensive and before you start you need to think about your budget and plan what you can afford to do. When you are doing this, it is wise to have some money as an additional buffer, as going over budget is something that happens often. This can be caused by changes in price of materials, or necessary changes to the design for example. Reviewing the budget regularly throughout the build helps you to stay on track.

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Finding Suitable Tradespeople – When you build your own home or extension, you need to make sure that you have the right people to help you, as you are not going to be able to do it all yourself. Finding a trusted and experienced local building company like this Cheltenham builders is essential, as well as the right plumbers, architects and electricians to help your dream home become a reality.

Ask around for recommendations to ensure that you find contractors that you can rely on to provide good results, don’t just go with the cheapest quote.

Planning Permission – Before you can take on any building project, you must ensure that you have the planning permission that will allow you to build on the site or to make changes to the current structure. If you do not comply with these regulations, you may be fined and also you could be asked to remove the structure, so do ensure that you have all the necessary permissions.

Delays – However much careful planning you do for your project, delays are something that can happen as they are outside of your control. Hold ups with delivering materials can then have a knock-on effect on the rest of the build and put everything else back, so having a timeline that you can then adapt if something gets delayed is essential.

Maurice Andrews

Maurice Andrews

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