4 Common Mistakes People Make When Buying a Steel Building

Steel buildings are strong, versatile, resilient and affordable. They seem perfect. What could go wrong? Actually, there are a number of mistakes you could make that cause things to go very wrong or derail the entire project. Here are four common mistakes people make when buying a steel building. Well also tell you how to avoid making these mistakes yourself.

Ignoring the Total Cost

Steel buildings are affordable. However, the price of the building itself is not the total price you pay. You probably need to pour a concrete foundation to go under that steel building. Doors and insulation may or may not be provided along with the steel building. If youre planning on assembling the building from a kit, then labor may not be something you need to pay for. However, you need to be careful not to expect to assemble a very wide or tall building yourself. If the building has an unusual or complex configuration, you should consider working with reputable contractors like SteelMaster instead. Dont forget permits and delivery costs.

If youre installing a shed or storage building, then connecting utilities may or may not be on your to-do list. In every other case, youre going to have to arrange for the water and power connections. Depending on the end use, you may have to pay for interior finishing of the building or hardware the building manufacturer doesnt provide.

Not Doing Your Research

Failing to check references with a steel building manufacturer is a major mistake. Do your research. How long have they been in business? Are there complaints against them? Are there actions or judgments against them? If they dont have any completed projects in your area or say there arent any local references, this is a red flag. Try to get a tour of finished buildings. Dont buy based on a model since these are always going to be perfect.

Pouring Concrete before Finalizing the Steel Design

Too many people decide they want to get ahead on the project by pouring concrete before the engineered drawings for the steel building have been provided. They may think that the preliminary anchor bolt patterns are enough to determine the foundations layout, but this is incorrect. Its always better to wait until you have the plans and then pour the concrete.

Forgetting the Permits

If youre putting up a steel building on a rural property to serve as a barn, you may not need a permit. In almost every other case, you need a permit.

One serious mistake is ordering the building and then starting the permitting process. You could end up liable for the cost of a steel building youre not allowed to install. Or, they could deliver the building that you cant put up because it doesnt meet some aspect of the local building code. Nor can you assume you can just put the building up somewhere elsesince each steel building is engineered for that specific job site. The solution to this problem is to pay for permit drawings as soon as possible and secure the permit. This has the side benefit of locking in the price of your steel.


Buying and installing a steel building is rather easy when you know how to avoid making mistakes. Spend time asking questions, doing your research and making sure youre happy with the design. This will save you headaches down the line.

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