Christmas warmly decorated textiles

More ideas for decorating Christmas! Today we will see how to do it with beautiful and familiar textiles to help you create beautiful Christmas atmospheres. Tablecloths, duvet covers, blankets, tea towels, aprons, napkins, blanket … A very warm designs to celebrate any event at home with a special decoration. No shortage table runners, one of the indispensable textiles for meals and Christmas dinners. Then we will see how to dress your home with spectacular textiles and achieve thus, a Christmas environment in which appetizer always be.

Christmas Decoration
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Textiles garlands

If you do not like too much the typical Christmas decorations like wreaths, balls, lights, etc., textiles can help you dress your home in a very elegant and special. They are very cool touch elements that you usually use and that during this time can change a bit to give your home that Christmas air. Renew your home for a few days and do it in a very nice way.

The colors

White and red are the colors of Christmas par excellence, but not alone. One idea that I really like is the white decor and silver, with a Nordic air, so, what do you think about textiles in these colors, for example white tablecloths with stars or some nice pads with silver? The golden decorations are also … There are many designs as you have favorite colors.

Christmas Decoration
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In any room

The Christmas can enter the textile in any room of your house. Some cloths and a nice apron for the kitchen, tablecloths, napkins and cushion covers in the living room, a towel in the bathroom and a duvet in the bedroom. Christmas is breathing in your home!


You can also, and indeed I would say you have to play with the prints. As a subtle touch, in my opinion, without going over, but you can enter any cushion that carry, for example, a drawing of a reindeer, a snowflake, a Santa Claus, a snowman with carrot nose … Or designs wipes and napkins, or aprons.

Christmas Decoration
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Sometimes it is not necessary to put a fabric in red and white with a Christmas drawing. It may be sufficient to fill your stay warm and pleasant textures for the atmosphere changes completely. I explain. On the couch or on the bed, placed a blanket of those much hair, chubby and very loving, or big fat point wool in beige or brown tones, for example. You’ll see how it changes! With just a touch, though not purely Christmas, will be giving a different air to stay until winter environments.

In the bedroom

Sometimes we focus so much on Christmas decorate the living room, and it is necessary because it is the place where our guests receive, but can also decorate the room with Christmas themes. What? For changing the cushions and our duvet cover and putting these days other textiles with different prints and designs. To fit a child’s room drawings of Santa Claus, reindeer and snowmen. For an adult, for example, it can be a great textiles in red and white or with a drawing or letters as stars.

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