Decoration ideas for the roof

We take time and effort to decorate walls but we pay attention generally to the ceiling. And it can also be part of the decor! Important part, also, if you want to give an original and distinctive touch to the room. Depending on how you do all heads will turn up and the eyes will be on there. How to get this? Today we bring you some ideas for decorating ceilings, great to give new life to any room in your home.

Decoration ideas
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The moldings are a very handy option, not as ornate as you remember from years ago because everything changes and evolving … I also serve to camouflage any damage you have between the wall and the ceiling; usually of plaster and for this type of material the ceiling and the wall must be in perfect condition. Now there are other materials such as Styrofoam, which is pasted and paintable.

The children’s room

A place where offers plenty ceilings decoration is in the childrens room. There are plenty of possibilities? From a lamp shaped cloud you can do yourself to hang from the ceiling, a fun paint, a universe of planets and stars or some leaves, as in the photo, which take us to a world of fairies and fantasy. Like how it looks?

Decoration ideas
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Painted ceilings

Another idea that I really like is to renew the appearance of the ceiling by painting. Again, there are many alternatives for it … You can paint it one color that contrasts with the rest of the walls; if these are white or clear test to give a more vivid and intense hue, you’ll see how nice it is. Or, conversely, if there is already color on the walls, leaving the roof in a softer, nude or pastel hue … you can also do stripes, for example, although you have to be very hands so you do not go crooked … For this, it is better the next idea I propose.

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Painted paper

Wallpaper stripes, but also has its difficulty in place, will serve to create a very cool atmosphere. You can also install with any pattern you like, not too flashy, tiny flowers, with pictures, letters…

Decoration ideas
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Different materials

Another interesting alternative is to include in the ceiling a different material that is in the walls. For example, you can leave the exposed beams, or put some, say, false, or create a mansard roof with brick, which must paint in this case as the wall so it is well integrated into the whole, since the contrast you will see through the textures.

In the bedroom

This idea that I teach you is very practical to wear the ceiling of your bedroom, as this decorative element is attached to the headboard and also serves as a lamp. Very original!


A creative and always special option is to draw a picture on the ceiling (or you do, if not precisely the discipline that best handle …). You can choose a landscape, a blue sky with white clouds or a dark one with many stars … If it is for a childs room you can play with their favorite characters.

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