Hardwood Flooring: Top Types and Tips

One of the few floor covering types that never goes out of fashion, hardwood flooring is synonymous with quality, style and luxury. Whether you live in a contemporary apartment, red brick terrace or pre-war semi, hardwood flooring can complement your personal style of decor and can even add considerable value to your property. There are many types of hardwood flooring available, and the best choice for you will depend on your personal preference, budget and requirements.

Hardwood Flooring

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Oak Flooring

Oak is a classic choice and is the most popular hardwood flooring choice in many parts of the world. There are many different varieties of oak, meaning it’s possible to select just about any finish and look you want. Oak does tend to be more expensive than many other woods, but it is a prestige choice and has the potential to add considerable value to your home.

Reclaimed Flooring

Reclaimed flooring is becoming more and more popular as homeowners become more concerned with deforestation and are keen to re-purpose perfectly good flooring rather than see it end up in a skip. Many older properties – in particular pre-war homes – have stunning parquet flooring that has lasted for the best part of a century. While parquet flooring in Ireland is heavily in demand among many homeowners, there will always be some developments where it’s unwanted and will be removed to make way for more contemporary flooring.

Numerous specialist and reputable dealers such as Wilsons Yards salvage hardwood flooring, ensuring it ends up being used in another property rather than as landfill. As hardwood is so strong, durable and naturally stunning, it can last for many decades and needs minimal care once it’s installed. This makes opting for reclaimed hardwood flooring – wherever possible – a great practical choice.

Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo is becoming increasingly popular as a flooring choice as it’s generally considered to be far more environmentally friendly than other woods. Bamboo grows incredibly quickly, meaning it’s far more sustainable than, for example, oak, which takes many years to grow. Bamboo flooring can be supplied in a number of finishes and it often has a very distinct look, making it great for anyone who doesn’t want a traditional style floor. Another great advantage of bamboo is that, as it grows so quickly, it is generally a lot more affordable than other hardwood flooring.

Nickolas Hunter

Nickolas Hunter

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