Decoration in blue 7 inspiring ideas for your home fall in love

The color serenity is one of the tones of the year, sure you’ll see on many elements, but what is clear is that blue has a wide range of different shades perfect for decoration.Any of them is easy to combine and thus becomes one of the allies when choosing paints a house.Do not miss all the things you can find these colors through these proposals.

Get a classic but also modern decor

Blue is a very versatile color, you can find the most daring and original but also the soberest and elegant tones.This allows you to get the personality you want in each of the rooms in which famous use this color.You can get a very sober and classic decoration using the cakes but also those darker like navy or night.

You can also reach those more modern and contemporary spaces using the most acidic and more vibrant paintings.These shades are great for more youthful stays or for those areas where you would want to convey something of joy and differentiation.

Decoration in blue
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Stained kitchen furniture

One of the most grateful spaces in houses with blue color is the kitchen and bathroom but as we are talking about decorating trends, we focus on the kitchen and the bathroom and blue almost always go hand in hand.If you are bored, of your wood furniture in the kitchen white or brown not hesitate to take a good sanding and later give them a hand of turquoise paint or pastel.The kitchen rejuvenates few years and light enter while you prepare your favorite dishes, sensationally.

A touch of color through the walls

It is true that some shades of blue perhaps may seem risky paint the walls but it is clear that everything depends on the use we make of them.If you love this color but do not dare to paint the entire room or living room, you can always choose well paint that you like and select one of the walls that color to dye it.With this simple gesture,you will change the look of stay and certainly, you’ll be pleased with that blue you liked so much.

Decoration in blue
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Parisian touch in your own home

One of the most special things inParisand perhaps different to Spain is the use of blue on exterior doors of many buildings, thus contrasting with the light tones with which they are built.This brings a lot of personality to the city and you can also move into your own home.

Choose one of the doors of your home to give a touch of class and trend, buy pot blue paint that you like or understand perfect for that area and paint it without fear.You get a very different result nice and especially very original because almost nobody has dared with this yet.

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Combine shades of blue!

If you like,many different shades of blue and are not able to decant for only one does not worry because we are at the time of mixing.Mix prints when dress and to decorate but also many kinds of colors mixed tried always achieve harmony, so do not be afraid to combine in the same room different shades of the same color, the result is elegant.

Decoration in blue
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Create separate spaces in the same room

If you have the house painted a sober color like white, beige or gray and want to get separate any area of a room you can choose colors strongly as, for example, a dark blue.With this, you get without other elements to create an isolated and very different space.Maybe you can so your office or compose your relaxation area.

The accessories are also passed to blue

However, the blue color can also get home otherwise than paint.The decor also turns this color and we can find endless beautiful blue elements.The curtains,cushions and rugs are usually about accessories very easy to combine and change what you can do every season. Visit more tips.

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