Ideas to decorate the entrance with vintage style

What do you think welcome guests to your home with an entrance decorated with style vintage? Sure, you surprised creating a very special and welcoming atmosphere.The hall is the first thing you see when you walk into a home, and if you opt for this form of decorating get give that warm and pleasant air, with the personality that has this type of decoration.It will be much better if it is in line with the other rooms, but you can give all the decorating role in this way.Today we see some thoughts to do so.Do you want to try to design a hall vintage of the most special?

Entrance with vintage style
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A single cabinet

It may be sufficient to place a cabinet style vintage to create a charming entrance.You can opt for a wood dresser or a luggage old piled up, a bench, a table, a trunk… There are many options and just this element will have already given new life to this place.


Another way to have that air vintage is through decorative accessories.Here again, you have many possibilities, such as a crystal vase with beautiful flowers, a coat rack, a lamp, mirrors, an umbrella stand, a photo frame, a wicker basket, a metal bucket, wooden letters … Or even combine the two options, with a spectacular main piece of furniture on which to place various elements filled with warmth and beauty this area of the house they sometimes do not pay all the attention it deserves.

Entrance with vintage style
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Original and different elements

Before I have spoken of suitcases or trunks, but you can also put, for example, an old tricycle at the entrance, you can also design a cabinet with pallets or wooden boxes of those that are used for fruit, oats to form a clothes rack, a straight stripped wooden ironing board or table of an old sewing machine that will act as the sideboard.

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Another idea for the hall

One idea that I like to create this hall is: place an iron furniture with a wicker basket on the floor and a glass bottle with a flower lavender type, for example, on the furniture.I love the effect, do you?

Combining styles

I like the decor that manages to combine different styles with elegance.This example can be a good proof of this as this receive come together own decoration elements vintage but also has a certain industrial feel.The result is a beautiful way to welcome anyone who comes to your house.

Entrance with vintage style
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The mirrors

One of the decorative elements usually found in a hallway is a mirror.You can place one aged effect, either metal or wood, or create a composition with several of them…

Chairs and armchairs

If you have enough space for it, your input can be the most beautiful if you put a chair or chairs in style vintage.You can restore any you have at home to acquire the old air so characteristic yourself. Visit more home improvement tips.

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