Practical ideas for decorating small spaces

decorating small spaces

To put up a house that does not have much room is needed to go to functional solutions. So today I bring practical for decorating small spaces thoughts, those rooms, kitchens and bedrooms which, although not overly large, can be very cozy and comfortable. Order and decoration always united to design a personalized and comfortable interior. Let’s see how you can get it.

Furniture with various functions

If your house is small you can decorate with furniture that serves several functions. For example, the bunk chairs, sofas and beds become storage in the bottom, drop – down desks…

decorating small spaces
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Shelves and shelves

If you have a room with little space not place large, sturdy furniture; you should opt for shelves and floating shelves to help you take advantage of vertical space and provide a feeling of lightness, without reloading.

Harnessing door frames

A decorative way to take corners and decorate a small room is taking advantage of the door frames to put some shelves where you can store books or other objects. You can also do in the windows.

In the kitchen

Sometimes the kitchen is one of the smallest rooms in the house. To decorate and keep it tidy not let the objects in sight. The furniture with straight lines and sliding doors are a very good option in this room and stainless steel appliances that will help you the feeling of spaciousness is greater.

decorating small spaces
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In the bedroom

Choose light colors for bedroom furniture and textiles. You can place a batiles bunk beds with trundle with storage in the bottom to take this opportunity to the fullest.

Shelving for separate stays

In a small house, there are often open spaces, for example with the kitchen and living room together … If you want to make a visual separation without placing a wall or a sturdy piece of furniture can opt for an open shelf, not too high if you want the flow space or higher if you prefer something more intimate.

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Decorative and practical hooks

Another idea to keep your house in order and do it in a practical way while decorative is through hooks where you can hang objects that you use in your everyday life. You can put them at the entrance or on the nightstand, also the bathroom to hold some tiny baskets to store utensils you use regularly.

decorating small spaces
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Decorating with mirrors

This idea already knows but not wants to stop remembering. The mirrors make the larger spaces visually, so that they become a decorative object appreciated for these small places.

Sliding doors

Sliding doors are ideal to save space especially in narrow rooms. They help also to separate rooms and maintain privacy when you see fit.

Wall folding tables

One way to save space in a small dining room or kitchen is placing folding wall tables. They are very comfortable; open them when you are going to use and keep closed to make room to move comfortably. You can even put one on every corner of the house to have a small dining elsewhere.

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