Ideas for decorating with stairs

If your home has stairs you can use to decorate them in a special way I get to give a different touch to your home. Today we also speak of stairs but we will see some ideas for decorating with them, i.e. using ladders to design different environments and with different styles. We teach you how you can combine and how you can stay the place. They are practical and very decorative. Check Whatever next!

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An original touch to your rooms

It seems simple. A stair. But you see how it can help you decorate your rooms. As you choose them of many types, sizes and styles, from vintage to metal or wood. They will help to give a touch very cool to the room where the ubiques and according to what the want to use will also play its practical function.

Decorate the room with stairs

A staircase in your living room will be very decorative and also you can use it as a magazine rack, to keep neatly folded blankets on the sofa then you will use as a bookcase or more where to place your books or plants. Depending on the type of ladder you choose can give it a more classic Nordic or to stay.

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In the bathroom

The bathroom is another place where these stairs play a very interesting role. They are ideal as towel rack, hanging baskets in which to save the soaps, makeup and other small objects. They help you get everything in order and also a very elegant way.

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The steps

The ladder type you choose will determine somehow use you can give. So, if your steps are narrow or rounded, like an old wooden ladder, you can rest it on the wall and hang them magazines or clothing, for example. If you ‘ll have double the support on the ground; do it in a place where it looks good and does not interfere with other furniture. These steps are wider and can put on them books, plants, boxes or larger objects.

Bedroom decor with stairs

A ladder leaning next to your bed can become a perfect table to store the book you are reading or hang your accessories. You can also use it as a donkey for clothing and accessories or if a valet concerned. They look great both opening and delta are like those straight lean on the wall.

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The stairs can also use them outside, hanging pots, for example, and decorate your terrace with an original vertical garden. If they are to support the wall you can hang a metal buckets with hooks and if it is of wide steps, the pots may be supported on them. If wood is treated sure to support good weather conditions.

At the entrance

The stairs will serve to decorate your entry in an incredible way. Here are especially practical because if they are double, for example, can leave shoes on the steps and hang the bag or scarf you wear.

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